Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Take Time to Ponder

Date: August 27, 2013
Area: Simi Valley
Companion: Elder Hall

Hello everyone!

This week has been pretty good.  I still am amazed how fast time flies, but I'm enjoying it more than ever.

Megan is doing fine.  Last transfer, a couple of other elders began to teach her, and things were inappropriate between one of the missionaries and her.  The missionaries in the zone were aware that they were really close, but things got way out of control.  She supposedly was inside their apartment (which is a huge no-no) and while one missionary was in the bathroom, his companion kissed her.  He tried to keep it a secret, but things blew up quick and before he knew it everyone found out.  President Castro was here in Simi Valley and interviewed him for hours.  Long story short, he's lucky he didn't get sent home, but he did get transferred out of here and he is under tight guard by the mission president. Consequently, we are not able to teach Megan anymore, and she is now being taught by the Zone Leaders.  President Castro said it was "for our own good" and I'm glad he did that, but it stinks not having Megan around anymore.

Coincidentally, we had a talk with Megan the day before and we said that if we took Elder so and so and us out of the picture, would she still get baptized?  Unfortunately, she didn't give us a straight up answer, but personally, I think she might make it through.  She's experienced the effects of the Spirit, and she has a really strong testimony of this church and the Book of Mormon.  We pray that she will make it, but as of right now, she will not be baptized September 8th.  It doesn't matter when, as long as she does.  It always seems that things come up as soon as we set someone with a date.  Although it is discouraging, I know that things will work out for the better.

Everyone's asking about Michael!  Wow!  Spiritually, Michael isn't progressing that much, as far as going to church, but we do go over there every now and again and talk Gospel conversation.  Elder Hall and I both agree that we do not want to stop contact completely, because we don't want to give him the impression that our friendship is conditional upon his church attendance; we do stress it quite often though.  He'll catch on eventually.  Friday night we went over there and we started a campfire in his backyard.  I took a picture, and I said, "It's the moment when cave men discovered fire!"  He's so funny, he kept bugging me about some pizza that I had, and I eventually just forfeited it over to him.  He's like a 40 year-old brother to us, it's hilarious.  I loved sitting out underneath the stars looking up and just thinking about what God might have in store for me in my life.  I am so thankful for the connection I have developed with Him while I have been out here.  I've seen His light shine in the lives of others, and I've felt His influence in my own life.

This week has been filled with LOTS of meaningful service.  We helped Melanie with her front yard some, and we also helped Michael with his front yard.  And on Saturday, we had 32 different people from the ward help out at Melanie's!  It was great!  I'm learning tons of new construction techniques.  I have put up dry wall, installed floating floors, built a patio cover, and mudded a wall.  I hope to continue learning!

I'm also sending a picture of Chuck and his family.

I love you all so much.  Keep living the gospel, it's the happiest way to live.

Elder Harper
Chuck and his family


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  1. Tracy Monney:

    Oh my! So scary about Megan, and a bummer about Michael. Troy served in Connecticut for part of the time and there were LOTS of nannies in that area and he was afraid for his life haha, he said he wouldn't look them in the eye and would avoid them as much as possible so he didn't send out any questionable vibes or something. Scary for 18-20 year old boys that are so virtuous! Good for Corey!!!!!

    He has really had some different experiences. I love that he continues to be so strong and faithful and valiant. He is a great missionary.

    Hope Michael comes around. The missionaries are wise though.

    He looks and sounds happy! Thank you for sharing.