Monday, September 2, 2013

The Lord tests us to see where we will turn.

Date: September 02, 2013
Area: Simi Valley
Companion: Elder Hall

Hello Family and Friends!

This week has been pretty good.  On Tuesday, I woke up with a fever...on Wednesday, I woke up with a cough and a runny nose, Thursday,
an ear infection, and yesterday, pink eye!  It was pretty hard to focus
on how I could improve spiritually when I wasn't feeling well
physically.  However, yesterday I gained a lot of love for the members
in this ward and a testimony of Christlike service.  I called the
mission president's wife and explained my situation, and she said that
we shouldn't go out and teach.  We went over to the bishop's house for
dinner last night, and I was just bombarded with medicine, and Ramen,
and eye drops and love.  One thing's for certain in this ward:  I
definitely feel well taken care of and loved here.  Every single prayer
in church they pray for the missionaries.  Our dinner calendar is
practically filled.  We have developed relationships with the youth and
the adults, and our testimonies have been strengthened by them.  In
fasting testimony meeting, Elder Hall and I both had the impression that
we wanted to go up and bear our testimonies.  As I looked out over the
ward, I felt the Spirit so strong.  I knew that we were all unified and
had one purpose.  We all have a knowledge of our Savior Jesus Christ and
we are here to bring others to that same knowledge.

Last week I had one of the most spiritual
experiences.  We just came back from a good day of missionary work, and I
wanted to watch a DVD.  I watched the video called "To This End Was I
Born", and I felt the Spirit so strongly.  Watching the Savior suffering
for our sins and being crucified always testifies of how much he loves
us.  There's a part in that movie where it shows Him going to the Spirit
World to set up the missionary work there.  I felt so happy watching
those spirits up there, and I thought about Grandma Harper, the Ropers
and Jared.  Just knowing that they are up there doing the same thing I'm
doing down here is so cool.  I read D&C 138 after that, and as I
knelt down to pray, I cried, the first time since I've been out, and
just expressed the love and the gratitude that I had for Heavenly Father
and Jesus.  My motivation became a lot stronger to follow Him and to
bring others unto Him as well.  As it says in the hymn, anyone who
rejects the message we bring will never know true happiness.  

This week we helped a couple named Kevin and Haley
move out of their house.  They're a friend of Chuck's that he's known
for a very long time and they have seen the changes he has made in his
life.  One day, they called Chuck and told him that he was the only
person that could help them.  He brought us over there and we started to
share the Gospel with them.  We taught them the Plan of Salvation on Friday
and they loved it.  They were asking us so many questions about the
Church.  Over the years, they heard so many false things about the
church, and we have helped resolve conflicts and answer questions for
them it's been nice.  Unfortunately, they don't live in our area
anymore, so we are going to hand them off to the other missionaries.
 I'll keep ya posted! I have gained a testimony that service softens
people's hearts.  It's paying off!

Megan's doing well.  She's progressing with the other missionaries and she's developing friendships with the YSA people.

Well, my time's about up.  I'll talk to you next week!

Elder Harper

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