Monday, August 19, 2013

There must needs be opposition in all things

Date: August 19, 2013
Area: Simi Valley
Companion: Elder Hall

Hello everyone!
It's unbelievable how often it seems like I am on the computer
emailing back home.  The weeks are just blowing by.  In my first email, I
mentioned that physical handwritten letters would be best, but we have a
system that works out here now that we can print out the emails for
free at this FHC.  So, although they are nice to have, it's not the end
of the world if all that's possible is email.  I want to hear from
everyone I can!

I know I've said this every week, but Megan is amazing!  She's
still going strong and she knows that the Church is true.  Last week we
taught her a lesson at the bishop's home, and he offered to give her a
blessing later that night.  So that night we went back to his house, and
the bishop told her all about the priesthood and how a blessing works
by faith.  We then stood up and he offered her one of the most powerful
blessings I've ever heard.  He blessed her that her family's hearts
would be softened and that everything would be ok.  The next day, her
mom called her and told her that no matter what happens, she's fine as
long as it brings her happiness.  That blessing was answered, and she
recognized that!  On Friday
we all went to 7/11 to get some slurpees, and on our way out, we were
approached by a chaplain from another church and this is what he said to
us.  "You cannot go around teaching people unless you know the answer
to the most basic and fundamental question in the universe."  We asked
him what that was, and he said, "How many lifeforms are there in the
universe?"  Elder Hall and I looked at each other, not knowing how that
even mattered and asked him to tell us.  He said, "There's 4.  There's
Deity, angels and demons, humans, and animals."  We basically just
stared at him and he kept telling us that we can't go around teaching
people.  We basically just blew him off and invited him study about what
we believe.  He attacked Megan next and basically he just thought we
were taking advantage of her and she told him that everything we've
taught her we've proven biblically and she knows it's right and true.
 She is incredible!  *Tear They grow up so fast... :)

Do you know what the better news is???  We set her with a baptismal date!  She's planning on being baptized September 8th, just two days before transfer Tuesday.
 She has to go to Church every week between now and then, but we KNOW
that this will work out!  We are so happy that we have had the chance to
meet her and teach her.  However, she is going through some tough times
right now.  This morning, she called us and told us that we needed to
see her.  She started to tell us that her mom is going back on what she
told her earlier, and she doesn't like that Megan is meeting with us.
 All of the sudden, her mom called.  She put her on speakerphone, and
her mom just kept telling Megan "Cult, cult, cult".  Megan's mom REALLY
hates us, and the high school youth pastor is going over to their house
today to talk with Megan.  We don't think that this is an appropriate
time for us to go over there, but Megan knows that this is true, and
she's standing up for it.

Elder Hall and I were talking that every time we run into someone
from another church, they always attempt to tear down what we believe.
 After they leave, we always question what church they were from.  They
are so focused on bashing us that they never build up on what they
believe, it's so stupid.

I love being the Lord's servant, and every time we are approached
by someone and they bash us, my conviction grows that much stronger.  We
are doing great!


Elder Harper

Corey opening a package we sent him

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