Monday, August 5, 2013

2 Months? Say wha--?

Date: August 05, 2013
Area: Simi Valley
Companion: Elder Hall

Hello Family and Friends!

This week was absolutely spectacular!  It's going to be a shorter email, but I'll try to pack in as much awesomeness as I can!

Missionaries from another ward ran into a guy and started to teach
him, and he told them to visit his girlfriend's house.  Her house was in
our boundaries, and the only information we had was that it was on a
particular street with a white Ford F-250 out front.  Luckily, we caught
them at a time when both of them were home and outside.  She invited us
back over to dinner with them last Wednesday.  She's in her 40's has a
16 year old son and a 14 year old daughter and they are SOLID.  When we
went over there for dinner, all 4 of them had so many questions about
missionary rules and stuff and it was so cool to answer their questions.
 In the past they had some missionaries that helped them paint their
deck and so they had some great experiences with them.  Right now, they
are in Hawaii but they will be coming back next week and we will start
teaching them!

ALSO we made contact with a GOLDEN investigator this week.  Megan
is a 19 year-old who is a general manager at Five Guys and she also
works at a place called Rocketfizz (it's a vintage soda/candy store).
 Anyways, she was in a relationship with a guy that was atheist and she
stopped going to church because of him.  After she dumped him, she
started going back to church and she asked the pastor to say a prayer
for her.  After he did that, she asked if she could say a prayer for
herself.  She prayed that God would send her someone who could help her
in her life that could teach her.  She said that she wanted them to
teach her but that she wouldn't know that they were teaching her so she
wouldn't send them away.  A couple of days later, 2 other missionaries
met her at Rocketfizz and taught her the 10 Commandments with the little
hand motions.  After they left, she said, "Wait, they just taught me
the Ten Commandments!!"  Since then, they taught her a couple of things,
but then they got transferred.  She lives a few houses down from a
member that she has known for a long time (basically her grandma) and
started asking her a lot of questions about the Gospel and about Joseph
Smith.  This member called us on Friday
and said that "This was the kind of call you always wish you had".  She
set up a time for us to meet, and we taught her the Restoration and
watched the DVD and she loved it!  She has been reading the Book of
Mormon and praying about it and things are looking up!  Yesterday Elder
Hall and I taught her the Plan of Salvation in the park with some little
primary visual aides that we made and she was laughing so hard and she
thought it was cute that we did that for her.   Her parents are REALLY
anti-Mormon.  They drove by while we were in the park yesterday and they
gave us some really nasty looks.  She really likes the idea of temple
marriage and being sealed so someone for time and all eternity, and as
well as baptisms for the dead.  We shared with her 1 Corinthians 15:29,
40-42 to help her see how the concepts fit biblically.  Right now as I
type she is heading to North Dakota to drop her grandparents off and
staying there for a week and is doing scripture study in the car! She
just sent us a text asking me where that scripture was!  She's so
awesome and she will be baptized without a doubt.  I heard somewhere
that 100 door slams = 1 golden investigator and that totally makes
sense.  The Lord has blessed us with this opportunity and it feels so
nice to teach someone who grasps concepts, keeps commitments and isn't
afraid to ask us questions and actually takes it seriously!   In a
nutshell, this week rocked.

I love you all!  Being a missionary is the best decision I have
ever made in my life.  My testimony has grown so much and I am thankful
for experiences like this that help it grow more!  Pray for Megan!  Have
a great week!

Elder Harper

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