Monday, July 29, 2013

I can't believe the transfer is already over...

Date: July 29, 2013
Area: Simi Valley
Companion: Elder Hall

Familia y Amigos!

Wow.  Six weeks in Simi Valley has
already come.  My first transfer is complete.  It's incredible how fast
the mission passes.  But, good news!  Elder Hall and I are staying in
Simi Valley, so therefore, my address is the same for the next six weeks
(Transfer ends September 8th).

In all honesty, this week was kind of a difficult
one.  Five of our investigators basically dropped us, including Eddy and
Doug & Dawn.  The Lord really tried our faith this week.  We
knocked on Eddy's door on Tuesday,
and his brother answered the door and he told us that Eddy told him he
didn't want us to see him anymore.  We kindly told him that we wanted to
hear it from Eddy himself, but we still haven't received a call from
him yet.  We'll stop by this week.  We had an appointment set with
another family, the Carter's this week. The morning of the appointment,
they gave us a call and told us that we inspired them to have religion
in their home, and that they wanted to raise their kids with belief
systems in their home, but they then said that the LDS religion wasn't
the right one.  Our jaws dropped to the floor, but we told them to keep
the Book of Mormon we left with their family.  They'll come around
another time.  Lastly, we had multiple appointments with Doug & Dawn
this week that we have been bringing a member to.  We stopped by on Thursday or Friday,
and they got real with us.  They didn't know why we were there helping
them.  Bro. Hale, the member we have been bringing, told them that it
was because the Gospel brings us so much joy and the goal of the Gospel
is to be like Christ.  They told us that they wanted us to lay off of
them for a little bit, but he doesn't want us to give up on him.  It's
tough because we know this Gospel will help them, but they have to
choose to accept it.

Laurel, Michael's wife, is going to come with us to the Family History Center this week.  She is really interested in Family History and Genealogy (coincidence?  I think not.)  She thought it was cool that it was free.  They are really progressing.  Michael has been asking us a lot about random topics of the church, including baptisms
for the dead, seminary, and the Doctrine & Covenants.  He wants to have a quad to read, and he's fascinated about reading the Doctrine & Covenants.  As much as we want him to read the Book of Mormon first, he insists on reading D&C.  We love Michael.  In honor of finishing his "prayer shelter" this week, he gave Elder Hall and I each a Leatherman.  I shed a few tears. :)

Although it is discouraging to have these investigators standby, I
know that the Lord will work mighty miracles in their behalf.  I'm not
going to let it bring me down.  They are in good hands with this ward.
 The Gospel is true.  The Lord loves us, we will see him again, and
everyone will have an equal chance to accept it.

I love you all.  Thank you for your love and support.

Elder Harper

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