Monday, December 15, 2014

I'll be spending Christmas in Santa Maria

Hello everybody!  

This week has been another great one!  We have been sharing the "He is the Gift" video with a lot of people.  We have special pass-along cards that we are handing out (the same ones that are in the back of the Ensign) and we've seen some great success with it so far.

We got our transfer calls, and I'll be staying here in the Santa Maria 1st Ward (transfers end January 25th).  Elder Snyder is leaving, and the other two missionaries that we are sharing the ward with are going too.  Get this:  My new companion is on his 2nd transfer, so I'll be follow-up training him.  The other two missionaries are new too.  One of them just finished being trained, and he's training a brand new missionary.  Yeah....I'm going to seem like a dinosaur compared to all of them.  It will be interesting to see how everything plays out!

We had a great experience this week with Chris!  A member family invited us over for dinner and they invited Chris too!  We had a really good dinner (filet mignons, mashed potatoes, veggies, etc.) and then we had some carrot cake for dessert.  We watched "He is the Gift" with Chris, and almost INSTANTLY the Spirit was thick enough to cut it with a knife.  Then afterwards we each bore our testimonies, and then the member family each bore their testimonies to Chris.  We saw Chris get a little teary-eyed after that.  It was a great night!  Lots of fellowship for Chris!

Also!  Going back to Lompoc for Rachel's baptism was AMAZING!  I saw Sam Rosales and his family right before, and man, what a reunion!  I was excited to go to Lompoc ALL DAY LONG.  Then when I saw Rachel in the font that night, it really just put the icing on the cake.  Rachel has come so far since Elder Kingrey and I first started to teach her, and what a privilege it was to be there for her baptism!  I have been really fortunate in my mission to be able to witness so many baptisms of those that I have taught.  I know that Heavenly Father is preparing more and more people's hearts all around the world, and it's a great time to be a missionary and to witness that!

Now, as for Christmas:  since it's Thursday, that's district meeting day.  I don't know if it will be later in the day because of phone calls, or if we'll call home after district meeting.  I'll find out more details next week.  If before, I'd imagine I'd call home around 10:30 or so.  But if after, It would be probably closer to 1 or 2.  Just keep that in mind, family. :)  and sorry, no skype. :(

It's so great to be a missionary.  I know that there is nothing better or more productive that I could be doing with my life right now than this.  I'm thankful for the birth of Christ, and that we can celebrate that this time of year.  I know that He did come to earth, live and die for us, and then was resurrected so that we might live too.  I know that the Plan of Salvation is true, and that families can be together forever!

I hope everybody has a great week!

Elder Harper

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