Monday, October 27, 2014

A Fantastic Week at the Temple + My Birthday!

Hello all!

Wow, like I said, it's been another GREAT week here in Lompoc!  I had a FANTASTIC Birthday!  Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes!  Thank you grandma and Kristine for the McDonald's and Dominos gift cards.  I guess that means that I'm just going to get even more fat. ;)  Thank you, really. :)  Thank you also Mom, Dad, Aubree, Cam, Lex, and Lincoln for the packages and letters!  I am STOCKED on candy and sweets.  Don't really need to shop today. ;)

Thursday was great!  After district meeting, the sisters walked out of the room.  Elder Griffin, my district leader, said that one of the Sisters needed a blessing in the cultural hall.  We all followed behind, and when I walked in the gym, there they all were, with a birthday cake, balloons and a card and they yelled, "SURPRISE!"  I'm in the process of getting pictures for this event.  My camera's battery was dead.  Just so everyone knows, I had 3 birthday cakes, and 2 sittings of cupcakes this week.  Holy. Cow.

Going to the temple on Friday was an absolute treat!  Bishop Riley drove us down at 6 in the morning.  We arrived just 2 minutes before the session started, so we did Initiatories for about 45 minutes and then we caught the next session.  I LOVED being able to do a family name!  There was such a palpable difference.  Dad, I thought about YOU the whole time as I did the session.  I saw the newest video that the church released, so I've seen all 3 videos now.  Yay!  I'm not behind anymore!  After that we went to a sea food restaurant called Andrea's in Ventura on the way home.  (Yes mom, SEA FOOD!)  I had clam chowder and ate fried shrimp and halibut as well.  It was good!

The Lompoc Ward is EXPLODING!  Between us and the sisters, yesterday there were 8 investigators that attended church!  EIGHT!  Rachel, after the Gospel Principles lesson, turned to me and said, "I understood ALL of that!"  We had taught her the Plan of Salvation lesson and about Agency, and the lesson in Sunday School was about agency.  Nancy and Sis. Cannon, a member's wife came too.  We have been meeting with the Cannon's, and Sister Cannon and Bro Cannon have been reading the scriptures together and praying to know about the church.  Unfortunately, they have not yet begun reading the Book of Mormon yet, and so we told them that she won't really get that full answer until they begin to do so.  We were a little nervous when they began the lesson and they talked about Kolob and other all went well though. :)

I love you all so much!  One hour is not enough time to do everything I need to do!   The computer automatically logs me off afterwards, but I do put the most important stuff in the letter.  I love you all, and I hope you have a great week!  Have a great week!

Elder Harper

Why yes, I DO love ferrets


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  2. Tracy Monney:

    He is truly loved! Sounds like he was treated like a king for his birthday, as it should be. He is so handsome and grown up.

    They are building and strengthening and leaving the ward better than they found it.

    Great work Elder Harper!