Monday, November 3, 2014

I don't want to leave Lompoc! :(

Hello everybody!

Man, what a fantastic, but yet sad week it has been.  President Felix announced last week that the Zone Leaders were going to give transfer calls on Saturday morning rather than Monday morning, so we had a little bit more time to say goodbye and pack and stuff.  We got the call on Saturday afternoon, and guess what?  Elder Kingrey and I are both leaving, and I'm going to Santa Maria AGAIN!  Except this time I will be in the other ward, on the other side of town.  (Probably the most ghetto area in the entire mission in my opinion...well, I guess Oxnard is pretty bad too. But you know what I mean!)  I'm super stoked to go back to Santa Maria, but I really don't want to leave Lompoc.  In my past areas, I've been able to handle leaving fine, but yesterday at church, I bore my final testimony and I was on the brink of tears as I said goodbye!  I don't want to go!

But anyways, my new companion's name is Elder Snyder.  He's pretty new in the mission; he came out in August, so I'll be having a pretty green companion.  I can't wait!  (By the way Elder Lomeli, how does it feel to be taller than your 23-year old trainer! haha)

On Saturday, there were 5 baptisms.  Four of them were taught by the Spanish elders, and the last one was an eight-year old boy named Brian Cano.  Elder Kingrey and I started teaching him the lessons, but when the sisters came, we gave him to them.  (Aren't we so nice? :) )  Anyways his mom was less-active until now, and he has a 15 year old brother that has been passing the sacrament, and they all have been coming to church together.  

Sam Rosales blessed the sacrament yesterday, and he is continuing to progress in his Priesthood responsibilities.  I am so sad to leave him and miss his wedding on the 15th! We are stopping by his place sometime today to say our goodbyes to him.  He wish him the best of luck.

Oh!  Last week, we received a text from Nancy, and she told us that she had some questions for us.  Not questions from her, but from her DAD!  We met with her this week, and she asked us some of the questions that her dad asked her, and we were able to sufficiently answer them.  She asked why we believe the Book of Mormon, why Joseph Smith is so important, and other questions that she had from the Articles of Faith.  We are going to give her a restoration pamphlet in Spanish, and that should help her dad learn more.  Isn't that AWESOME?

Halloween was really good.  There was a great turnout.  Our ward did a "trunk-or-treat" activity and so many less-actives and non-members were there.  We were running around like chickens with our heads chopped off!  It was great because members invited their friends and they were able to interact with us and other members.  

It also RAINED here in Lompoc!  This has only been the 3rd time I've had a rainstorm on my mission.  It hurts me so much to hear about all the rain back home, and it never rains here!  But it was great to be able to have rain.  It rained on Halloween, and some trick-or-treaters were crying because they got rained out.  Elder Kingrey and I wore our short sleeve shirts and shorts and we ran out and jumped in puddles and did rain angels!  I love rain!

I love you all so much, I hope you have a great week!

Elder Haper

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