Monday, October 13, 2014

"Charity Suffereth Long, And is Kind"

Hello everybody!

Wow, I don't know how many times I have said this, but the weeks do just really whiz by.  It's bitter-sweet to think that I am 2/3 done with my mission.  Bitter, because I know that it will be ending soon, but sweet about the fact that I will be able to see all of you again.  The most important thing that I CAN do is just to enjoy every moment that is given to me to serve, and when the times comes, it comes, and I shouldn't be worried or sad about returning home as long as I served an honorable mission...but enough of that talk!

This week really has been a mighty good one!  On Wednesday, we had quite a morning!  A mission rule that we have is to try our best not to ride our bicycles at night.  With winter approaching, the days are getting shorter and shorter, and so that rule is getting harder and harder to follow.  As a result, Elder Kingrey and I have been moving our morning studies to the evening, finishing our day with personal and companionship study.  But anyways, back to Wednesday.  We rode down to a less-active's house and I had the privilege of giving her a blessing of comfort and counsel.  She is obese, and was considering going through an extensive weight-loss surgery, which would change her lifestyle completely, and she wanted to receive a blessing to help.  I gave her the blessing, telling her that her body was a temple that the Lord had given to her, and what she chose to do with her body was her choice, but to remember the consequences of her actions.  A few days later, she decided not to go through with the surgery.

After the blessing, we helped another man in the ward named Bro. Edwards move from his motel room to a permanent apartment.  We spent 3 hours that morning loading his SUV with items from his place and moving them to the apartment.  While doing that, I was able to really talk to him about how he was feeling and just doing my best to show love to him.  I noticed that his shoes were really worn out, and I felt bad for him.  I thought of a pair of shoes that I could give up, and to be honest, I was initially hesitant to give them away, because they were one of my favorite pairs of shoes that I had.  Then I remembered Elder Uchtdorf's talk about President Monson wearing slippers on the plane because he had given the shoes he had on his feet to someone in need.  If the Prophet gave up his shoes, I should too.  So, yesterday at church, I gave him a pair of Sunday shoes that I had acquired from a thrift store, and he was really appreciative.  I'm thankful for my mission experience for placing me in situations where I can show God's love to those who are in need.  I know that I felt much better after giving him the shoes than I would have by keeping the shoes.  I know, it's a small, petty story, but I learned so much from it.

5 and a half minutes remaining....ahh!  Not much time!  To finish, I want to tell you another story.  A less-active lady gave us a call on Saturday night telling us that her boss was in the hospital and she wanted us to give her boss a blessing.  On Sunday afternoon right after church, we rode our bikes over to the hospital in our suits to see this man.  When we walked into his room, he was resting, and I was about to say his name and then he woke up.  He looked quite startled to say the least to see us there.  We told him who had sent us, and he had no idea who we were talking about.  Eventually he found out, but in the mean time it was kind of awkward that we were just there.  When we told him we were there to give him a blessing, he got really emotional and felt so thankful to God for sending us.  His name was Ning Wong and that he was born in China shortly before WWII.  He told us that he had been Christian for much of his life, and he told us that Jesus Christ has always been there to help him.  We gave him a blessing and gave him a Book of Mormon and he cried when he saw the Book of Mormon.  He wanted to send money to the church, but we told him it was a free gift.  He was so thankful for all that we did, and as we left the room, he was cradling the book in his arms.

I only have 30 seconds, so here I go.  I am thankful for this Gospel.  Jesus Christ lives and loves us.  God always answers prayers.  I love you!

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    Thanks for the emails. Corey is outstanding and his older sister is too!