Monday, July 15, 2013

A week of miracles in Southern Cali.

Date: July 15, 2013
Area: Simi Valley
Companion: Elder Hall

Wow. This week was amazing. A few weeks ago, we met a guy named Michael. He's about 6'3", about 250 lbs., played college football for Cal. State Northridge and he has hair to his shoulders and has a big scraggly beard. Just by looking at him, he looks really intimidating, but once you get to know him, he's really just a little kid at heart. He actually reminds me a lot of dad. (Love you Dad). :D We've been getting to know him little by little as we've met with him. Last week, we tried to formally sit down and give him a lesson, but Michael's not that kind of guy. We had a really humbling lesson with him, and he said that "Jesus was out there serving". He said that the best way to get to him was to serve and to let him ask the questions. :P So, my companion and I did just that. We helped him redo his bathrom wall. We took out some sheetrock, put a new slab in, and mudded, sanded, and painted his new wall for him. He really appreciated our help, but it didn't stop there...

We've been dedicating some time every day this week to help him build a patio cover. He was explaining to us that he likes to make some money by buying a house for really cheap, fixing it up and making it look nice, and then selling it for more. We got four 4x4 posts, anchored them into the ground, and added some beams for support and put rafters on the top to give him some shade. We're still not quite done, and it's been a lot of work, but I've learned a lot about construction in the process and I'm glad I'm helping this man as Christ would.

One day, we went to Subway to get some lunch, and another bishop from our stake recognized us (of course..) and talked with Michael. Bishop Page was wearing a hula shirt, khaki's and some flip flops, and he and Michael really connected and Bishop Page matched him joke for joke. It was also really cool because Bishop Page invited Michael to go mountain biking with him sometime. After Bishop Page left, Michael said, "How did you guys set THAT one up???" We all laughed and we said that we didn't! It was so cool.

In the past, we've been trying to get him to commit to come to church, but he never has. After a long, hard day at work on Saturday, we sat him down and we taught him a little bit about tithing, and we shared a spiritual thought in Malachi 3 and bore testimony about how tithing blesses our lives. Essentially, we "spirit slapped" him, and we asked if he would come to church, and he accepted!

Yesterday, he came! It just so happened that the subject of sacrament meeting was members sharing their conversion stories. He really enjoyed the messages, and left after sacrament meeting. He's going to come next week to 2nd hour only, and then 3rd hour the week after, and the following week he said, "I'll come to all three or I'll stay at home and meditate that day." We LOVE Michael. He said his first prayer with us this week, and he asked God to bless us and to help us continue being his "spiritual weapons".

We went over to another investigator's house to help him with his wall, and Michael really wanted to help too so we borrowed some of his sheetrock. Michael dropped us off and picked us up, and when he sent us home, we wanted us to text him once we got there to make sure we were safe and home. Michael's so awesome. It's people like him that I want to serve a mission for.

Wow, there are other investigators that I want to talk to you about too, but I just don't have enough time! I'll tell you about Tom next week.

I just want all of you to know, that I love this Gospel so much, and my testimony has gotten so strong out here. I love the Lord with all my soul, and I want to do everything I can to always be worthy to be an instrument in His hands.

God be with you til we chat again,

Elder Harper

P.S. I'll send some pictures soon of Michael and us working on the patio cover.

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  1. Tracy Monney:

    OK- at first I thought this guy is just looking for free labor. Glad I kept reading! I picture Ty McRae with long hair who is always working and serving and who you would have to work along side to teach. Can't imagine him sitting for a lesson. He is great! Michael is great too! Can't wait til next week to see what happens.

    Elder Harper sounds so good! He is definitely serving as Christ would and Simi Valley is lucky to have him. Love that the Bishop showed up in Hawaiian shirt and flip flops, I picture Bishop Borup. Love it!