Monday, March 16, 2015


Hello my amazing and wonderful family and friends!

Well, I guess first things first.  I'm getting transferred (Transfers end April 19th).  I'm going down south to the Camarillo Young Single Adult Ward, so I will be covering both the Camarillo and the Oxnard areas.  My guess is that I will be there the rest of my mission.  I have loved being here in Santa Maria and being a district leader.  Elder Gruwell and I have had quite a blast together, and it sure has been a pleasure working with him.  I've learned so much, and I'm anxious to take those skills and techniques that I have learned here into the future.  Oh yeah, I got a call from President Felix on Friday night, and he informed me that he would like me to serve down there as a zone leader.    It's also great that I will be serving with Elder Gerber.  I served around him before and now he will be my companion.  This next transfer will be his last transfer, and my second-to-last.  So it's safe to say that we have some experience under our belts. :)  It will be interesting serving in a YSA ward.  Never done it before, never attended one before the mission.  I think it will be a great transition to what I'll be looking forward to when I return home.

So there's the transfer news.  It has been quite difficult to say "goodbye" to the people that I love here.  But I'm very confident that it's not as much of a "goodbye" as it is a "see you later".  Blessings of serving stateside!!!  I love the people here.  They're so open-hearted, warm, friendly and kind.  I especially say that about Barb, Dan, Diamond, Bud, Anthony, Katie, and so many other wonderful members and investigators that we have taught.  Barb fed us a really nice dinner for my last night over.  She fed us salmon, filet mignon, loaded potatoes, Dan's special garlic bread, and a fruit tart for dessert.  I look forward to my return, except this time with my family. :D

But anyways, Santa Maria really has been good.  A few really cool miracles have happened this week, and a few new people have been added to the investigator pool here.  Someone called us up before church and said that they wanted to come, and they brought their friend too.  They loved church, and they will be meeting with Elder Gruwell and his new companion.  I wish them good luck!

That's basically all that I need to say!  I cherish the past, and I'm optimistic for the future.

Undoubtedly, this church is true. If it wasn't for this church and this Gospel, I seriously don't know where I'd be in my life right now. The restored Gospel of Jesus Christ has given me so much meaning and purpose in my life. The knowledge that this Gospel gives me strengthens my faith in the Savior, and a "hope for a better world" as Moroni puts it. Because of the Gospel, I know that my favorite quotes is absolutely true: "Everything will be alright in the end; if it's not alright, then it's not the end." I love the scriptures, and I know that they bring answers to prayer. I know these things to be true.

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