Monday, February 16, 2015

Let's get the ball rolling!

Hello everybody!

It's been a pretty decent week this week.  Little miracles have been happening lately, so it's been a nice blessing from heaven.  It makes me feel like the Lord is still aware of us and all the work that we're putting in.

So remember Jason?  He's the drunk less-active member that we saw last week? Friday night he called us and said that he caught the wrong bus and went all the way to Lompoc, and he had to hitchhike back up, but he did.  It was a hard thing for him, but he gave us a call on Saturday and told us that he was successfully de-toxed!  We were so happy for him!  He's pretty transient right now, not quite sure where he's staying, but we're going to keep tabs on him and meet with him this week...while he's sober. ;)

Unfortunately, there's still been no change with Chris, but we still go by every now and then.  We hope he's doing well, and we know that one day maybe it will all 'click' for him.  

Something pretty cool happened this week!  So last transfer, we visited a member, and she gave us a referral.  It was her neighbor named Alicia.  Alicia read the entire "Preparing to Enter the Holy Temple" pamphlet, and was curious about temples.  We stopped by many times after that, but was never able to catch her.  Well, this week, we received a referral from church headquarters, and it was her.  (So somebody requested missionaries through or something).  We stopped by her that afternoon, and we had an awesome lesson with her about the temple and she asked some great questions about it, such as "who's on top of the temple?"  "who can go into the temple" and other stuff like that.  We did our best to answer her questions, and we read some scriptures from the Bible to help.  We gave her a Restoration pamphlet, said a prayer, set up a return appointment, and she said "God bless you for your service."  It was really nice.  We stopped by the member and told her, and she was really excited--and she's going to go with us to the next lesson! :D

On Saturday (Happy Valentine's Day!) I went on exchanges with the zone leaders, and we had a pretty good day!  We had lots of lessons with less-actives and other potential investigators.  He complimented me on my skills and attributes as a district leader, and it was great to receive that kind of support from him.  And, we heard that we might be going on a little exchange with one of the assistants soon, so that will be fun. ;)

Overall, it's been a pretty good week.  It's so weird to think that this month is halfway through...the mission is going by way fast.  I really am going to make the most of these last 3 1/2 months.  I know that there's still many wonderful things to do, and I'm thankful for this time that has been set apart in my life to do the Lord's work.

I love you all!  Have a great week!

Elder Corey David Harper

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  1. Tracy Monney:

    He has a great talent of seeing the good in people! I read about Jason and have all these red flags enter my mind. Elder Harper isn't phased. He only sees the positive and potential. He doesn't judge! He is Christlike!
    I love reading about Alicia and look forward to hearing her progress.
    Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a happy week.