Monday, January 26, 2015

Santa Maria is where I'm supposed to be, I guess. ;)

Hello everybody!

Holy cow!  This week has been super crazy with a lot of ups and downs...where do I even start?  First of all, Elder Gruwell and I will be sticking around here for another transfer!  (Transfers end on March 8th)  Only this time there will be a slight change...I've been given the assignment as the district leader.  I'm actually really excited for the opportunity to serve on a larger scale, and I have some really good ideas for district meetings and such.  There couldn't have been a better, more supportive companion for me than Elder Gruwell.  We're so much alike it's insane!  We've gotten to know each other really well.  So yeah!  That's that!

Now, I bet all of you are wondering about Chris.  Well, there's good news and bad news.  The good news is, we met with him on Thursday night, and taught him the Word of Wisdom.  He committed to live it, and we then set him with a baptismal date of February 22nd.

Now, the bad news.  On Friday night, around 10:15, I was watching "The District" and Elder Gruwell was taking a shower.  I was laying on my bed watching it, when I heard the phone rang.  I looked at the caller ID and saw that it was Chris.  I picked up the phone and asked how he was doing.  He said that he's been better.  I asked him what was up, and he told me that he and his mom had just gotten in a huge argument, she pulled a knife on him, and threatened to call the cops.  She kicked him out of the house basically, because he hadn't paid rent on time.  Granted, we don't know the full story.  But anyways, he told us he was a short ways from his house, and he asked us for some money to get a motel room for the night.  I called Elder Gruwell out of the shower and explained it to him.

We're not supposed to give money to anyone as missionaries, so we didn't know what to do.  Plus, it was 10:15 and close to lights out.  So, we called the district leader--no answer.  Called the Zone leaders, and they told us to call President Felix.  We called President Felix at 10:25, and he thougth for a long time about what to do.  Finally, he told us not to give him money, but that we may go and see him and possibly give him a ride somewhere.  We drove out there, talked to him, read him some scriptures from the last part of 3 Nephi 12, and we gave him a ride to a park.  We told him to call one of his member fellowshippers to get more help.  Then, we left.  We got back at 11:15.  We haven't been able to get in contact with him ever since...we plan on stopping by his mom's place soon to see if she's heard from him.

Out of all honesty, we don't really know if this all happened because he started meeting with us or not.  He said that there's always been some contention with his mom, ever since he was a little kid, but that it's just blown up recently.  He's been in our prayers night and day, and we are hoping for a miracle right now.  We wish him the best, and we'll continue to call him.  That's the bad news...

Sorry that was so depressing. :(  But on the bright side, we got a call from Barb and Dan this week, and their friend Bud requested a blessing from us.  We'll be giving that tomorrow and talking about the Priesthood and faith.  We're so happy that we get to go over there. :)

Being a missionary is so amazing!  Even when something traumatic happens to somebody we love, like Chris, we're grateful for the opportunity that we have to bear our testimonies, read scriptures, and do our best to comfort him.  We know with whom our strength and trust lies.  And in essence, that's our calling:  to help other people develop faith, trust and strength in Jesus Christ.  It's an absolute blessing to wear the name of the Lord over my heart each day.  However, the best "tag" that we can have is to have the Lord's name etched into our hearts.  When we do so, peace begins to overwhelm us, and our purpose becomes clear.  I love you all so, so, so much!  I hope you have a great week!

Elder Corey Harper

P.S.  here's some pictures of me with other missionaries in my district.  (Elders Shields, Campbell, and Ruby)

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  1. Tracy Monney

    He will be an outstanding District Leader! Great choice.
    Sad about Chris, I am sure it will all work out. Heavenly Father is aware of him. So sad and foreign to hear of a mother pulling a knife in her son. They definitely need the gospel.
    His testimony is huge and his attitude is great. Such a stellar missionary. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.