Monday, September 8, 2014

The Power of Testimony is Real

Hey everybody!

SO, this week, as usual, was a very good week.  I went on exchanges with my District Leader, Elder Cavazos on Tuesday.  He's the missionary with me in the car.  (Brittany!  Doesn't he look like Cody Brown? He acts a lot like him too and he always walks up to me and says "Cody Brown, Cody Brown.")  Anyway, me and him are really good friends.  He's from Austin, TX and he's a convert to the church of a couple years.  We totally decided that we are going to hang out after the mission and he's going to take me to all the cool places in Texas.  

Anyways, we went over to visit a less-active member named Kevin Miller.  A little background story: last week me and Elder Kingrey were riding our bikes past his house and he was on the back porch.  He waved to us and we waved back, but we were in a hurry so we couldn't stop and talk to him.  I had no idea that he was even a member, and we felt prompted to choose his name on the list of Prospective Elders.  When we went to visit him, I immediately recognized him as the guy that waved to us, and he let us in.  Kevin's been a DJ for over 30 years and he showed us all of his stuff.  Unlike other DJ's though, he likes to have the music videos playing as well while he's DJ'ing. (Yes, that is now a new verb)  We talked a little bit about his job, and he asked us if we wanted to see it.  We said sure, but what we didn't expect was for him to play songs from the 80's (Michael Jackson, Rod Stewart, Eddie Murphy) for a straight HOUR while we sat on the couch and watched.  The music was so loud there was no point trying to talk over it and tell him to stop, so we hopelessly sat there and watched on the couch.  When our ears were done ringing, we talked with him about how he joined the church and everything.  He told us that he had visited the doctor a little while ago and the doctor said that there was problems with his blood, and he was a little nervous about it.  Instantly, the story of Jesus healing the woman with the issue of blood popped into my mind.  I turned to Mark 6 and read the scriptures to him, and it seemed to help a lot.  It was a great visit, and he felt more comforted when we left.  (By the way, I don't feel music deprived ANYMORE.)

We also gave 4 blessings to a family that day too.  We gave 3 school year blessings, and a blessing of healing to the grandma who has been going through a lot of stuff.  She said that as we were giving her the blessing, and while she was closing her eyes, she saw Jesus looking right back at her, and it made her feel really good.

Oh!  Just to answer more questions, about the whole service thing, we log onto the website and volunteer for service projects in the area, and we are allowed to have up to 10 hours of planned service a week.  The mission president doesn't need to approve anything.  It just has to be within our zone boundaries.

Out of all the things that happened this week, the highlight was definitely yesterday at church.  We met with Nancy on Friday and went over a talk by Elder Bednar entitled "Ask in Faith".  When Sunday came around, we were happy to see her at church, especially for the fast and testimony meeting.  Elder Kingrey and I both bore our testimonies, and at the very end right before the Bishop was going to close the meeting, she got up.  Elder Kingrey and I looked at each other in shock as she bore her testimony about how she now KNOWS that the Church is the only true Church upon the earth, and she can't wait to get baptized next August (when she turns 18).  She expressed her gratitude to us and the ward for all we have done for her, and I couldn't help but grin from ear to ear.  By this time, the Spirit had immersed the entire congregation.  As she was sitting down, I looked over at her and she was crying tears of joy.  After sacrament meeting, I walked up to her and shook her hand and told her how happy I was for her.  She said that she couldn't resist the urge to go up to the podium when she heard Elder Kingrey and I bear our testimonies.  I hope she continues to stay strong in Gospel over the next 11 months until she gets baptized.  When I get back from my mission, I hope to keep in contact with her and I hope to attend her baptismal service next August if everything works out.  Family, friends, that is why I say that "The power of testimony is real".  Bearing testimony to another person is the fastest, most effective way for them to feel the Spirit.  I've had 16 fast Sundays as a missionary.  All but a couple of them I've born my testimony.  I encourage all of you to bear your testimony next fast Sunday, because when you do, you really gain more out of the meeting than if you don't.  Read Doctrine and Covenants 100 around verses 4-8 (I think) and you can see how powerful it can be.

I love you all so much!  I know that this work is true!  I've never felt so much joy!
Elder Harper

P.S. Elder Kingrey and I like to slick our hair back on occasion.  Don't worry!  We don't go out in public like this! :)

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  1. Kristine Ward

    Hey Brit~

    Is there any way you could change the background color of Corey's blog? The white on black is EXTREMELY difficult to read. If not, no worries. I will try reading it without getting a headache.

    Thanks for all you do with sending his letters out each week. You are the best!

    Love you~