Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Rougher Week...

Hello everyone!

Well, I can't believe that this transfer has already come and gone.  It's been a quick 7 weeks, but now things must change an move on.  We got our transfer calls this morning, and I will be leaving to Lompoc, CA (pronounced Lomm-Poke) in the Mesa Oaks ward.  I will be companions with, none other than, Elder Kingrey, my MTC companion!  It will definitely be cool to see how things play out.  We are in the same district as the sister missionaries serving in Solvang, so we will be allowed to go there on P-days!  Hopefully we'll get to go!  Just so you know, transfers end September 21st.  We have also been informed that iPads will be implemented in the mission very soon.

Well, it's sad to say, but just like the title suggests, this week has been one of the rougher weeks in my mission.  We texted Lily on Wednesday to see if we could meet up with her, and she told us that she and her mom got into an argument, and her mom said that she didn't have permission to get baptized.  Lily lived with her aunt and uncle for a few days in Oxnard, and she's now living at home again with her mom.  It was pretty disappointing at first to know that she wouldn't be baptized August 10th, but we know that all things happen for a reason.  Since I am leaving tomorrow, I am going to see if we can talk to Lily tonight, and if not, call her.  She will be baptized, even if it takes until she's 18.  She'll get baptized.

This week we were able to do some service for people in the neighborhood.  We pruned some Birds of Paradise trees and cut down some hedges.  We did service for 6 hours on Tuesday...it was pretty intense.  

This transfer I have learned a lot.  I have learned to stand up for my beliefs.  I have faced a lot of opposition, both from those who I've talked with on the streets, and from missionaries that were being disobedient.  I am thankful for the quiet peaceful feelings that come when we know that what we did was right.  When we shape our lives on constant principles, we will be happy.  When we make exceptions, we become conflicted and are not as happy.

On Saturday and Sunday we had stake conference, and it was great!  President and Sister Felix both spoke to us about the Holy Ghost and how we need to listen to the promptings we receive.  It was their first time ever speaking at a stake conference, and they did great.

Well, that's about it for this week.  I'll talk to you next week, in Lompoc!

Elder Harper

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  1. Oh man! I am sorry he had a rough week. It is hard when you are doing everything you are supposed to do and things still don't work out. I am sure things will work out for Lily, hopefully while he is still on his mission so he can be aware of it. I had a similar experience and had to move my date. It pangs my heart to think of how crushed one of the missionaries was who was transferred soon after I put date on hold. I think he has since found out that everything worked out. Sometimes an investigator has to fight to be baptized but I personally thing it makes a stronger member in the long run.

    Elder Harper is the best! Glad he gets to be with his MTC companion, it will be fun to catch up and compare the work thus far. I felt impressed to add Elder Harper to the temple roll today. He is awesome and will continue to be a great strength and inspiration to so many.

    Thanks for sharing, hope you all have a wonderful week.

    By the way, Aubree did an outstanding job on her talk Sunday. She was poised, composed and gorgeous. Her message was strong and I loved hearing about Youth Conference. She is not a girl anymore but a beautiful, faithful lady. I love her!

    Love you lovely ladies!

    Tracy Monney