Monday, June 2, 2014

Paradigm shift!

Hello hello my amazing family and friends!

This week has been a very monumental week in my mission.  I was feeling kind of down in the dumps early on this week about not being able to find anyone, and nothing seemed to be going very well.  I went on a companion exchange on Wednesday, and we made it a goal to talk with everyone we saw that day.  For that morning's personal study, I read about faith and miracles in the Bible Dictionary.  It said that miracles shouldn't be viewed as a deviation from the ordinary pattern of things, but rather as an indication that God is highly aware and involved in what we are doing.  We decided to show the Lord true faith as we went about to do missionary work.  We saw so many miracles that day, and everyone we talked to was in some way or another, prepared by the Lord to hear the message of the Restoration.  It really strengthened my testimony about talking with EVERYONE, and how that is how you show the Lord true diligence, faith, and consecration.  

Since then, we have been literally going out of our way to talk with people on the street or to knock on random doors.  I felt my confidence level shoot through the roof as I felt the Holy Ghost's calming assurance that what I was doing was right and good in the eyes of God.  We were tracting a street and we talked with a lady from the Philippines named Dorothy for 45 minutes about the Restoration and families.  We gave her a Book of Mormon, A Family:  Proclamation to the World, and set up an appointment to meet with her on Wednesday!  Usually we would get 15-20 declarations with 5-6 lessons in a week, but this week we had 30 declarations with 12 lessons!  To say the least, my faith has been rekindled, my fire has been re-stoked, and my testimony has been strengthened tremendously.  I am going to apply the principles and qualities that I learned this week into the rest of my mission and throughout the rest of my life.  

In Sunday School we had a lesson on faith as well, and we were talking about how you should never deny or be afraid of a prompting to do good.  The Holy Ghost whispers quietly, and sometimes he may give you a prompting, but nothing will come from it.  However, this is God testing you to see if you will follow promptings or not.  If we do follow these promptings, God will trust us more in the future to give us more promptings.  Listening to the Holy Ghost needs to be a large priority in our lives, because it's direct revelation from God!  I love this Gospel so much.  Hope you all have a great week!  I love you all!

Elder Harper
P.S.  When I saw these two streets intersecting I just HAD to get a picture....yep.  That's mission Life. :)

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