Monday, March 24, 2014

Santa Maria is on fire! (Spiritually:))

Hello everybody again!

Wow, what a week.  As always, they're just blowing by, it's so weird.  This week we had our Zone Conference in San Luis Obispo, and it was a really good day.  The whole focus of the meeting was emphasizing the Book of Mormon and how we need to use it in our every day missionary work.  We did lots of role-plays and learning exercises, and it was just good.  

Awesome news!  RUSSEL M. NELSON is coming to the mission on April 19th and 20th, and we will be having a missionwide conference in Ventura!  He's also going to be speaking those same days at a special stake conference here in Santa Maria.  I really hope I stay here another transfer, for that, and for so many other reasons.  Mario's baptism for one, possibly. If he gets off parole.  Mike and Gayle, the couple I wrote about last week, with the church tour, are also progressing.  Let me tell you!

So we went to their house on Thursday night and we taught him about the Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom.  After we finished, he said, "Amen.  That is 1000% FACT."  We committed him to live those laws, and we felt prompted to talk about the Plan of Salvation with him.  Mike is a pretty eccentric guy, and he told us of a dream that he had many years ago.  He said that he saw a star in the sky that was close to heaven, and that in another place he said that there were people there for "continuing education". I pulled out a little homemade diagram I made, and he LOVED it.  We talked about Spirit world with him, and he said, "YES!  That's IT!"  And, get this:  We don't EVER do this because it's sooooo out there...but we even talked about Kolob, the star closest to heaven.  He copied down the name and he wants to read in Abraham 3 where it talks about it.  He's super funny...

Five investigators came to church on Sunday!  Mario, Rachel, Mike, Gayle, and a lady named Elena that we've been teaching.  Ahh soo many people to talk about.  I spoke in sacrament meeting about preparing for general conference, and I felt the Spirit testify through me.  A lot of people thanked me afterwards, and I felt great.  Gayle just lost her job, and they think that they are going to lose their house.  We REALLY don't want to lose them, but, even in their poor state, they paid some tithing to the church.  They are super awesome.  We hope that all works for them.  

Last night, there was a fireside called "Why I Believe".  It was a YSA fireside about people that converted to the church, and they told their stories.  The spirit was super strong, it was awesome.

I KNOW that this church is true.  If there's one thing that I do know, it's that.  What else can I say?  I love you ALL.

Elder Harper


  1. Kay Thomas:

    Elder Russell M. Nelson. I think we should go to the conference. I will pray Mike and Gayle won't lose their home. They paid tithing, a miracle will happen. The YSA adult fireside sounded awesome! I love it when investigators have dreams. In the Spanish culture it is very common. I would like to sit in on his chastity lesson. . . .I bet it was very powerful because of his virtue. Love this missionary.

  2. Tracy Monney:

    Russell M Nelson! That is exciting. What an amazing opportunity.

    Elder Harper is a light and is brightening the whole area. Great missionary. Great faith. Great testimony. Five

    Thanks for sharing. Hope all is well.