Monday, February 17, 2014

The Lords hands are in His work

Hello all!

This week was pretty good.  The Lord's hands are continuing to push this work along.   Let me tell you all about it!

So, I've told you before about Benito and Griselda, but just to get everything cleared up, they are a young couple in their 30's.  Benito is a school psychologist, and Griselda is in her last year of graduate school to become a lawyer.  They have a 2 year old daughter named Julietta.  They are so cool!  This week, we sent by and saw them, and Griselda officially gave up coffee!  Their original baptismal date was set for April 19th, but they decided that they wanted to move it up to March 22nd, and Benito wants to move it up even more!  They are super accepting of everything and this week we are going to read The Living Christ with them and watch "Special Witnesses of Christ", a video of the testimonies of all the Apostles released in 2000.  They went to a baptism at the beginning of this transfer, and that was the reason that they wanted to move it up even closer; because they saw how special it was.  Benito is probably the most solid person I have ever taught on my mission, and I hope to be here to be at his baptism.  His testimony is so strong.

Mario is the 450 pound Native American guy.  He's on parole right now, and his date is for April 19th right now.  He was interviewed by President Castro, and he felt that Mario should wait until he was off parole.  Mario goes to church every week.  Every week.  He has been going for a year and a half, and he's only missed it once.  He's practically more active than the bishop.  He's doing great!  We're just helping him along the way and reading the Book of Mormon to him.

Yesterday was ward conference and we had the chance to hear the stake president speak, it was really cool.  The bishop also talked and he related it to an escalator.  He said that when we are going up a downward moving escalator we always have to make sure we are moving up faster than the world is moving down if we want to make it back to live with God.  It was a really insightful talk.  The first week of March we have stake conference and President Castro is going to be speaking, it will be awesome!

Elder Gaylor and I are going to finish this transfer

strong.  It's been tough, but our faith is stronger than our doubts and fears.  We will continue to press the Lord's work forward!

Thank you all for everything you do.  I can feel your prayers of love and strength; Please keep sending them my way. :)  It makes all the difference.

Love, Elder Harper

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  1. Love the light saber picture!

    Elder Harper is an excellent missionary and only sees the good in others. He has truly witnessed the miracle of repentance with Mario. So exciting.

    The young couple will be such strong new members and will hold on tight to the gospel.

    He sounds happy and immersed and positive. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

    Tracy Monney