Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Another transfer come and gone...

This week has been pretty good, a great week to end off the transfer:  So remember the lady that we did service for that came to church the next day?  She came yesterday too, and she approached me and said, "I just want to thank you so much.  You brought the Spirit into my home that day.  I have been reading the scriptures, and I stopped smoking!  I have a coffee pot in my house, and I'm slowly giving that up.  Thank you!  You lit my fire!"  Just from that experience, I know why I stuck around here in Atascadero for another transfer, just for her!  It was such a blessing.

Drumroll....However, I'm being transferred!  I'm going to the Santa Maria 3rd Ward.  I don't know anything about there, except that I'm going to be training another missionary by the name of Elder Gaylor.  Great things are awaiting me in Santa Maria, I already know.  Atascadero has been great.  I feel like my testimony of the Gospel and about prayer has been strengthened up here.  I have gained a lot of confidence here, and I will take that with me throughout the rest of my mission and the rest of my life.  I am thankful for the ward here, and I can't wait to meet new people and see new things.  (Transfers end on February 23rd).  

As for Jose, he is taking a break from us.  He told us that he didn't like the way we do things at our church, and he wanted a break.  I know he'll come around, many seeds have been planted.  I have to go now, but I'll be emailing you next week in Santa Maria!

Elder Harper

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