Monday, October 28, 2013

Seeing investigators at church is such a neat blessing!

Hello everybody!
This week was really good!  Thank you all for the letters/packages/Facebook messages that I was informed about. :)  Spending a birthday in the service of the Lord truly is a blessing.  It's so weird to think that I'm
This week we taught Yvonne (75 year old lady) about the Plan of Salvation as we read the pamphlet with her.  It all sunk in to her.  She said the closing prayer, and she cried!  We invited her to church, and she came yesterday!  They were short on deacons, and I was actually able to give the sacrament to her.  The Spirit was so strong.  I'll see if I can get a picture with her, she's so nice.
We also picked up a new investigator from the Hermanas named Jose.  He speaks perfect English, and he lives in our area so that's how we got him.  Our area is actually the biggest area in the entire mission.  It's about 150 miles from end to end, and it goes all the way over to the Bakersfield mission border!  We never really get to go out there, because we are only allotted so many miles a month in our car to use.
Anyways back to Jose.  He's had a rough past.  When he was younger he always had anxiety and was into drugs and felt like he's been possessed at times.  We would have never even thought because he's the calmest guy ever.  He's been reading the Book of Mormon, and has been praying to know if it's true.  He's recognizing questions of his that are being answered through the Book of Mormon!  He's been saying that it's hard for him to pray and that he feels too guilty to pray.  We explained that "the evil spirit teacheth a man not to pray" and that Heavenly Father wants you to pray when you feel guilty so He can help.  He's understanding really well and we're meeting with him tonight!  We are going to set him with a baptismal date too!  That's our plan!
Last Monday we almost died.  Elder Canzona almost got us in a car accident but we came out unscathed.  Thank goodness.  Thank you for the prayers.
I love you all so much!  Thank you for the support that you give me.  I'll send some pictures of the area next week!
Elder Harper

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  1. Tracy Monney

    Last Monday we almost died?!? WHAT? It was like an afterthought and it just screamed in my head. I am so glad he is ok. Sorry Mom, that is unnerving.

    Love hearing about Yvonne and also Jose. She sounds delightful and he sounds like a future Stripling Warrior that has already had some intense battles with the adversary. I hope Elder Harper is able to help him recognize the blessings awaiting with the gospel.

    I can't believe their area is so huge, sounds like Texas. Must be quite rural.

    What a great missionary. Thanks for sharing!

    Have a delightful day!